Uyemura Electroplated Finishes Give Apparel Makers a
Competitive Edge

Miralloy– An electroplating alloy combination of tin, copper and zinc, is an excellent alternative to nickel for zippers, buttons and clasps. Approximately 20% of the world’s population has a skin reaction to nickel metal. The longer this metal is in contact with skin, the more likely it is to cause a burn.

Miralloy is a high-quality, cost-effective finish that is inert and long-lasting. It’s also an elegant and practical silver replacement for applications such as jewelry. It is used worldwide for zippers, buttons, clasps and decorative metal on all types of apparel.

Miralloy is often referred to as “white bronze.” It doesn’t tarnish and withstands normal clothes washing and drying.

Miralloy is also available in a lead-free version – the variation most often used in North America.

Miralloy is a trademarked product from Umicore-GT.


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