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NSS Performance Test UMICORE Antitarnish 616 Plus

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Platinized Titanium and MMO Anodes in Electroplating Applications

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Electrolytic Nickel-Phosphorus Plating

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New Nickel Phosphorus Electrolytes Make Plating Jobs Easier

Business Development Manager Rich DePoto discusses the significance of new electrolytic nickel-phos technology for manufacturers of high frequency wireless devices with Modern Metals writer Lynn Stanley.
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Bright Lights, Big Finish for Electronics Plater

Products Finishing Editor Tim Pennington profiles Berquist Company, the only facility in the world dedicated exclusively to the production of insulated metal substrates, a thermal management solution for higher watt-density surface mount applications.
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EN Plating Control Technology

Brochure describes STARLiNE DASH technology for automated sampling, analysis and replenishment of EN baths with exceptional accuracy.
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Advanced Plasma Technology

Uyemura International Corporation and Europlasma NV (Oudenaarde, Belgium) have brought advanced vacuum plasma treatment technology (Nanofics®) to electronic manufacturing companies (EMS) and board makers in the US, Canada and Mexico.
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Surface Performance Newsletter
Spring 2016 Surface Performance Newsletter  

Fall 2016 GMF Newsletter profiles Chicago’s Precision Plating, a leader in electrolytic and electroless finishing, and describes its successes in the world’s most competitive markets. In a detailed editorial, Business Development Manager Rich DePoto discusses the sometimes-unanticipated reasons customers buy products.
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ClearSignals Newsletter

Latest “Clear Signals” describes EPIG, the first nickel-free PCB coating – now in successful use by Superior Processing, which also plates ENIG, ENEPIG, EG, electrolytic nickel and gold. EPIG is gold wire bondable and solderable, and a huge boon for HF and medical device applications. Also discussed: TWX-40 reduction-assisted immersion gold, for thicker gold demands on ENEPIG.
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MEC PCB Solutions

MEC surface treatments to promote adhesion of dry film, soldermask and laminate, are described in a new brochure.
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Connectors and Sensors Line Card

• Miralloy 2851 for HF connectors, contact elements, solder pins
• Palluna 468 electrolyte for high-speed deposition of palladium nickel
• Antitarnish 616 PLUS for plug connectors, other electronics
• Niphos 967 for connectors
• Hard and soft gold electrolytes
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General Metal Finishing Line Card

• Advanced Plating Alternatives
• Electroless Nickel
• Decorative Finishes
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Final Finishes & Acid Copper Plating Line Cards

• ENIG & ENEPIG Processes
• Through-hole plating
• Via Filling
• Copper Etching
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