Miralloy 2851: Operates at 10 ASF, Deposits Uniformly up to 15µm

Miralloy 2851 Operates at 10 ASF – 25-43% Faster than the Competition!

Miralloy is industry’s best and most cost-effective alternative to silver, palladium and nickel for a broad range of applications. Now, Miralloy 2851 plates at a process speed that gives users instant advantages in terms of cycle time and cost.

Miralloy is an advanced alloy that deposits up to 15 μm with exceptional uniformity. Its average composition is 51% copper, 33% tin and 17% zinc. Deposits are mirror-like and exceptionally resistant to abrasion and corrosion. It has excellent solderability, and high hardness value. This versatile finish is also tarnish-free, RoHS compliance, non-magnetic, non-allergenic and RF-friendly. Slightly leveling deposits can be achieved at all current densities.

Miralloy has earned widespread acceptance for use on HF connectors, contact elements and solder pins. Because it is nickel-free, this high-performing silver substitute is also an exceptional finish for jewelry and other decorative applications. Miralloy 2851 is plated using standard rack equipment.

New – for Reel-to-Reel Processors Miralloy 2841 was engineered for R2R equipment. Copper-tin-zinc alloy deposits up to 2 µm at .9 µm/minute. 2841 is low foaming, and maintains the brilliance of base materials. Deposits are diamagnetic, with abrasion resistance and hardness equal to electroplated nickel. Reel to reel plating electrolytes are a UIC specialty.

For more details, or to arrange test processing, email us or contact your Uyemura representative. Miralloy 2851 and Miralloy 2841 were developed by Umicore Galvanotechnik and are available in North America exclusively from Uyemura.