Black Nickel Plating

Nickstar, is a decorative black nickel plating technology that deposits a thin and highly uniform over-coat of black nickel-zinc alloy, preserving the substrate’s brightness while producing an exceptionally rich black nickel finish.

Nickstar is a lustrous, and highly versatile decorative black nickel:

  • A deposit thickness up to 2 micron can be achieved with rack or barrel applications.

  • If a thicker deposit – or very high corrosion performance – is desired, a heavy nickel undercoat can be used. 

  • Greater hardness can be achieve easily with an optional salt additive.

  • Color density, from darkest black to softer hues, can be modified using a hull cell.

  • A distinctively elegant appearance can be produced when Nickstar decorative black nickel is dual-toned with UIC satin nickel.

Nickstar black nickel plating is well-suited for automotive interiors and for upscale sporting goods, where it diminishes glare and improves durability. It is also ideal for hardware, plumbing, architectural and other decorative uses that demand a luxurious finish with a long service life.

Nickstar achieves a deeper black finish than any competitive nickel process and performance characteristics superior to electrocoat.

Nickstar, A Decorative Black Nickel Plating Technology


Nickstar, A Decorative Black Nickel Plating Technology




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