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Uyemura Honored with Prestigious Vendor Award

PCI President Ken Tannehill, flanked by Uyemura’s Scott Butterfield and George Gallager, following the presentation of PCI’s Prestigious Vendor Award
for 2016.

PCI, (Minneapolis, MN) has announced the first of what will become an annual award honoring supplier excellence. According to PCI Vice President Matt Tannehill, “management considered process performance, product delivery, technical support, and other factors, and reviewed each supplier on that basis.” PCI’s Prestigious Supplier Award was given to Uyemura in a surprise ceremony February 10.

Scott Butterfield and George Gallager received the award during a routine material audit. PCI uses Uyemura ENIG, ENEPIG, copper via fill and electrolytic hard nickel gold, the latter of which was installed just 3 months ago. Says Tannehill, “when we decided to add this process, there was no doubt whose chemistry we’d use. UIC treats us extremely well; Scott and the entire technical team do a tremendous job.”

PCI is America’s most prominent flexible circuits manufacturer, and the first board shop to be qualified for Mil Spec rigid flex board production.

UIC Strengthens Western Field Team With Veteran PCB Experts

Uyemura USA has intensified its service capacity in the west and southwest with additions to its field service team.

DX Tech Solutions Owner Doug McBride is an expert in microwave circuits and impedance control. UIC has engaged the company as its technical consultant for key programs in Texas and Colorado.

DX Technical will provide field support, new business development and problem-solving capability based on McBride’s 33 years in PCB chemistry. “UIC has powerful name recognition,” says McBride, “and a strong technical team – something that’s rare today in the board chemistry market.”

S1 Technology supplies plating anodes, PMs and solder bar to PCB shops and platers throughout California and Utah. It also provides recycling services.

The company is widely known for its 12-hour guarantee: if a customer’s line goes down, S1 will fix it, using stock materials, in 12 hours or less. “We pride ourselves on service,” says owner Chet McNamara, “which is why we value the association with UIC. That, and its superior products, create a powerful advantage for us.”

DX Tech Solutions is headquartered in Dallas County, Texas; S1 Technology is in Chino, CA.

Stepinski Recieves Industry Award

Uyemura congratulates Alex Stepinski, the first recipient of I-Connect007’s Good for the Industry Award.

This new and prestigious award honors individuals and companies who have helped the industry improve cycle time, lower costs, increase yields, build better products, increase profitability and reduce waste.

Alex Stepinski created a PCB manufacturing facility, with zero wastewater discharge, for Whelen Engineering. It is the first fully automated PCB facility to be built in the US in decades. Whelen Engineering uses Uyemura ENIG, the industry standard for mid-phos EN with immersion gold.

Whelen selected Uyemura ENIG because it produces exceptionally uniform gold deposits, thus reducing overall gold usage – and because it does not require dummy plating of nickel. Whelen Engineering was the cover story of a recent issue of UIC’s “Clear Signals.” Read it here: http://uyemura.com/UIC-whelen-eng.pdf

George Milad Honored by SMTA

On February 23, George Milad, National Accounts Manager for Technology, was designated a Distinguished Speaker by the SMTA Technical Committee for exceptional presentations delivered at SMTA technical conferences.

At IPC Apex February 15, Milad, as Co-Chairman of the IPC 414 Committee, provided a perspective of the committee’s work, including revision of IPC-4552 RevA, “Specification for Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold (ENIG) Plating”, and the need to amend the 4556 ENEPIG specification. The event also marked the start of work on the IPC standard for OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative).

UIC customer ISRO launches first dedicated satellite for astronomical research

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has launched the country's first dedicated satellite for astronomical research into orbit. "Astrosat" is designed for multi-wavelength space surveillance, and the monitoring of remote celestial objects. It is equipped with UV and X-ray telescopes and other monitoring systems. ISRO estimates the satellite's lifespan at five years.

Sur-Fin Technical Sessions

Al Gruenwald (left) and Masanobu Tsujimoto delivered a talk titled “The Elimination of Whiskers from Electroplated Tin.” New data was presented showing that two simple steps will substantially limit tin whisker formation. They are: controlled micro roughening of the substrate and the addition of additives to the plating bath.

Rich DePoto (left) and Robert Ziebart delivered a talk titled “Advanced Nano Chemistry Coating Achieves Low Dwell Time and Anti Corrosion Protection for High Speed Plating Applications.” New Umicore anti-tarnish is well suited for reel to reel applications; presentation included the developmental criteria and mechanism of this technology, which uses hydrophilic and hydrophobic reactions.

Uyemura Appoints Technical Service Engineers

April LaBonte is our new Technical Service Engineer for Southern California.
Her responsibilities include line audits, troubleshooting, installations and a full complement of customer service tasks. LaBonte holds a Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering from the University of California San Diego. She was formerly a Wet Process Engineer for Viasystems/TTM, where she worked with product design and process methodology, monitored process operations, performed root cause analyses and provided ongoing support for manufacturing operations. April was featured in Products Finishing in July, when they recognize the industry’s top young talent through their annual 40-Under-40 program.

David Rund is UIC’s new Technical Service Engineer for Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. Rund brings a wealth of experience in PCB manufacturing, most recently as Product Manager for Technica USA. Previous to that post, he was President of Taiyo America, and subsequently Product Manager for MorTech Inc. Rund’s diverse skill set includes product development, business development, and new facility start-up. He created the first Foreign Trade Zone for Manufacturing in Nevada, a program widely touted as a tool for lowering the cost of production, distribution and paperwork. Rund is a Past Board Member of the IPC supplier’s Council and Past Chair of IPC’s New Technology Committee.

Uyemura ENEPIG

ENEPIG produces a highly uniform EN deposit, followed by electroless palladium, with an electroless gold flash.
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Uyemura's RGA-14

RGA-14 is the world's highest productivity immersion silver process.
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